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CyberForge Journal is a newsletter with the top hand-picked cybersecurity research, resources and insights for public interest entrepreneurs building and enhancing products and services.

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Away from the hype and capriciousness of "unicorns" and "sharing economy" business models, there exists the serious, unsexy world of entrepreneurs and businesses building the cybersecurity capabilities to secure the immensely complex, critical and costly infrastructure of a digital world.

Competetive advantage in this world is reliant on finding and applying the results of the applied research and advanced development (R&D) conducted by the public sector as well as academic and private institutions.

Advances in cybersecurity science and engineering are urgently needed to preserve the Internet’s societal and economic benefits and establish a position of assurance, strength, and trust for cyber systems and professionals.

2016 U.S. Federal Cybersecurity Research and Development Strategic Plan

The Journal provides an actively curated list of the top hand-picked research, resources and insights to help public interest entrepreneurs develop methods and tools for deterring, protecting, detecting, and adapting to malicious cyber activities -- without the noise and the fluff.

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