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CyberForge Journal is a newsletter with the top hand-picked research and resources combined with independent insights to help public interest entrepreneurs building and enhancing their products and services.

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Away from the hype and capriciousness of "unicorns" and "sharing economy" business models, there exists the serious, unsexy world of entrepreneurs and businesses building the information security and privacy respecting capabilities to secure and protect the immensely complex, critical and costly infrastructure of a digital world.

All too often, much needed information about architectures, standards, design patterns and best practices that allow for innovation to be built on a foundation of security, privacy and interoperability are lacking, or lost in the noise generated by product vendors and platform providers with a commercial agenda.

Competitive advantage and differentiation in this world is reliant on deriving and applying insights from the results of applied research and advanced development conducted by the public sector, academics and private institutions to ensure that the societal and economic benefits of the technology are shared by all.

The Journal provides an actively curated list of the top hand-picked research, resources and independent insights to help public interest entrepreneurs develop methods, practices and tools for building and enhancing their products and services -- without the noise and the fluff.

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Anil John
CyberForge Curator

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